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Great tips to get started with bible journaling!
I love Shanna! Love her! She's amazing and I'm so glad you have her as one of your teachers. She is so down to earth and really helps people see that they can do it too. When I saw she was teaching I immediately knew I wanted to join in. I can't wait to see more from her and more on using a journaling Bible.
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@toribissell Stouffville, ON Canada
I love how Shanna takes the lead on this new crafty ground that's called 'journaling bible'. She is very encouraging and leaves room for different opinions, different styles. I'm definately looking forward to upcoming classes on this theme! Can't wait to dig deeper!
@SparklinD Rotterdam, Netherlands
Great class - I'm so excited to get started!
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@bethbrum Dublin, Ireland, Republic of
I am so moved by Illustrated Faith. I am excited to be journaling in my bible; I finally feel connected to it in a way I never have before. This class was so informative and I thank Shanna for sharing her work and putting her bible out there for the world to see. I'm definitely inspired and can't wait to start working in mine today!!
Fantastic! Can't wait for another!
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@jnickell97068 Lake Oswego, OR
I loved all of the detailed information about this class. I also really liked that there were so many "pictures" (visuals) & examples of Shanna's bible. I was sad to see it end so quickly but I'm glad her next class is up already:) Thank you BP!
Videos Please!
I really liked the way this class was presented. Thank you so very much! And the subject matter, was wonderful. Again, thank you!
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@asiverson Chatham, NY
I am highly recommended this class to any beginner who would want to start their art journaling journey. Shanna is a very inspiring teacher!
My dissatisfaction with the class is not because of the teacher. It's because of the class format. There was no video. It was like reading a bunch of blog posts. The text was tiny and difficult to read. I want video instruction. I'm not interested in paying to read blog posts.
@SparrowApril Houston, TX
Awsome, looking foward to more!!!!!!!!!!
The photos, the videos the encouragement! I absolutely love this class. Changing a thought process from childhood that you just don't write in books, especially the Bible has been transforming. The lessons are easy whether you have 10 minutes or a couple of hours to "worship in the margins." Thank you!
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@clarkwith4 Ripon, CA
I am beyond excited that this class continues seasonally throughout the year. I would love to see more in 2016!
@agirling United States
Easy to read, great assignments. I have gotten so much out of this class. Thanks!
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@ChronicallyKatie Wales, United Kingdom
Great introduction into bible journaling.
This is a good class for those that want to try Faith Journaling but aren't quite sure where to start. It gives the basics in a concise, easy to understand format. Looking forward to future classes.
Great for beginners! Thank you! I'm so excited to dig deep.
Great beginning class.
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@Bec_ San Antonio, TX
I loved this class. I'd love to watch more classes on this Bible Journaling topic. There are amazing artists from the Illustrated Faith community, like Heather Greenwood or Mrs. Elaine Davis that could teach great content.
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@LelaRivera Rincon, PR
Loved this class! Can't wait to dig into next 2 classes!
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@cynthia1965 FAYETTEVILLE, TN
Illustrated Faith is the perfect newbie class for those to scared to take that first leap of faith into bible journaling. I have had my journaling bible for months and have been scared to even write my name in the front of the Bible. The lessons helped me get organized, inspired, and confident to begin the final lesson....step by step with the instructor. LOVED IT!!!
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@eadunaway Fort Wayne, IN