Traveler's Notebook | Memorabilia Album
From the Trip to the Traveler's Notebook

Check out what my TN looks like now that I'm home from Japan and what I plan to do to finish it.

Tn lesson 2   07
Finishing What I Started in Japan

Let's start finishing our first insert!

Tn lesson 3   03
Choosing Supplies & Printing Photos

It's time to start creating our second insert by choosing our supplies and photos!

Tn lesson 4   03 chica
Create a Custom Notebook

Learn how to customize your own insert using an old insert, memorabilia, and scrapbook papers!

Tn lesson 5   03
Making a Dashboard

Let's create a cover page for our TN.

Tn lesson 6   01
Decoration | Part One

It's time to start decorating our insert!

Tn lesson 7   08
Decoration | Part Two

Continue decorating using repetition of our first five pages.

Tn lesson 8   05
Accordion Mini Album

Create a "mini" mini album to fit even more photos in your TN!

Tn lesson 9   04
Finished Flip-Through

Let's see the final result!