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Why use a traveler's notebook? Find out how Pepper uses hers to document her travels.

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Documenting your Planning Process

Learn how to document the planning of your trip in another notebook.

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Choosing and Printing Photos

Learn how to choose, organize, and print photos from your trip.

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Gathering and Organizing Your Supplies

Curate and organize a kit of supplies for documenting in your travel traveler's notebook

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Organize Ephemera and Stories On The Go

Learn tips and tricks to better organize the bits & pieces and stories you collect during the trip.

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Batch Tasking

Learn how to make use of batch processing as a way to plan the pages in your traveler's notebook.

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Scrapbooking Process

In this lesson, you will see how I put the layouts in my book together.

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Adding Ephemera & Stamping

Learn tricks for adding ephemera and stamping to ensure your notebook success.

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Scrap Lift Yourself

Use a previous design to inspire a new page in your notebook to speed up your process.

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Album Flip-Through

See a flip-though of my completed album & some final thoughts on our traveler's notebook adventure.