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Learn more about Janna, and see what you'll learn in this class.


Introduction To Clusters & Design Principles

Get an introduction to clusters and learn why you'll want to use them.

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Single Focal Point Cluster | Layering

Learn how to create and incorporate a layered single focal point cluster on a layout.

Onefocalmix teaser

Single Focal Point Cluster | Mixing

Discover how to create one big cluster with fonts and embellishments.

Tfpc teaser

Dual Focal Point Cluster | Frame

Frame and highlight the focus of your layout with clusters.

Mfpc teaser

Multiple Focal Point Clusters | Crazy Clusters

Learn how to create multiple focal point clusters and how to keep the page balanced.

Xenia teaser

Guest Designer | Xènia Barull

Create a single focal point cluster with Xènia.

Rebecca teaser

Guest Designer | Rebecca Luminarias

Create a dual focal point cluster project with Rebecca.

Teaser riikka

Guest Designer | Riikka Kovasin

Create a multiple focal point cluster page with Riikka.

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