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Thank you, Ashley, for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us! I look forward to trying some pages using my old punches!
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Ashley has such fun ideas to create amazing projects!
Very creative ideas for using paper. I’m really more of a mixed-up media artist and not a typical scrapbooking person, but the ideas, compositions and process of mixing and matching different pattern and colors apply to any art form. Instructor was friendly, casual, made it seem like anyone could do this. My only 1/2 a star comment, well, I’ve made it on others - so NOT personal. Seems as if when the camera speeds up, so does the audio and the words are very super fast. Like 100 espressos. Minor point for an otherwise good class. Thanks!
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@Mrtruscott Bellevue , WA
I love ALL of Ashley's classes. Her ideas, knowledge and inspiration are amazing