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Welcome to the Happy Scrappy Place class with Paige Evans! Let's get organized—colorfully!

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What are the things you reach for the most? Always keep them within arm's reach!

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Paper & Cardstock Storage

Learn how to store cardstock and patterned paper—the backbone of scrapbooking and card making!

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Miscellaneous Storage

Find out where I store all the little bits of "eye candy" like buttons, brads, washi tape, and more!

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Displaying & Storing Layouts

Display your layouts before they get tucked away into album!

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Displaying Projects & DIY Decor

Storage basket is the wrong color but you still love it? No problem! Learn how to customize!

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Curating Your Space

You get to be the curator of your space! Add things that make you happy!

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Wrap Up

The space in which you create your art should be a true reflection of you!