Inspiration Ignited

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Love the brain storming sheet, what a great idea! Again, I love how thorough Carissa is, she's the best!!!
This class should be advertised for any creative endeavour. It is sooo not just a card class. I rarely make cards and used the prompts to spark creative ideas for 12x12 layouts - they are some of my very favourite layouts - ever.
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@Scraphappyjen Tas, Australia
Really fun / great cards! NOTE; Lots of the students has asked questions, by NONE have been answered?
@ThePurplePlace Rockport, MA
this class is filled with amazing ideas & techniques- great project planning tips and tons of samples! The videos are fantastic too! LOVED it!
@gabber las vegas, NV
Loved your class! Thank you for all the inspirational ideas in your videos.
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@brreyes United States
I learned that inspiration is around us. Thanks so much. Excelent class
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@Alejandra15 Junin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I loved all the inspirational ideas from everyday things. I loved the great tips and videos that shared ways to inspire me and get me excited about trying something new.
I LOVED the amazing techniques and useful tips provided all throughout this class! She is such a great teacher and mentor! She really has such an astounding eye for seeing inspiration in everything and for finding details that I might have otherwise missed. I absolutely want to take more classes from her! A+!!
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@CuteNCrafty Monmouth, OR