Bpc lesson1 teaser
Finding Inspiration

In this lesson, we'll talk about ways to find the inspiration you need to create your stash kit.

Bpc lesson2 teaser
What to Include

This lesson will walk you through the types and quantity of items you'll want to include in your kit

Bpc lesson3 teaser
Putting it Together

It's time to put our kit together! We'll use the guidelines we created in Lesson 2 to create our kit

Bpc lesson4 teaser
Using Your Kit: Project 1

Now that we've created our personalized kits, it's time to start creating. So let the fun begin!

Bpc lesson5 teaser
Using Your Kit: Project 2

We're not done yet! Let's create another project using our personalized stash kit!

Bpc lesson6 teaser
Wrapping it Up

In this lesson, I'll show you all of the projects I created and share what's left in my kit.