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very poor instruction. :(
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@marymac13 Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Thank you for this class. I need to review it from time to time. I like the comment about printing out the instructions to have on hand when building my kits.
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What a great idea. I will definitely try this. Thanks for the inspiration to use what we have in an organized and creative way.
@Lubear United States
I'm not a kit scrapper, but found this class terrifically thought out and intelligently communicated.
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Loved all the great ideas, this class will help out a lot when I go to my next scrapping event.
I liked this class overall, and I really liked the color combo lesson. I thought starting out by discussing complementary color combos was very helpful at the beginning of the kit building process.
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@TOxford Richland, WA
Practical, clear, easy to apply....great artistic concepts entertwined throughout the lessons . More please !
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@kathy4stamps2000 United States
Excellent instruction and I loved how thorough it all is. This is a fantastic way to use up all these wonderful products I own but just seem to get lost in my space.
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@caravincens Leudelange, Luxembourg
I loved watching Margareta's process of putting a kit together. Her recipe makes it easy to follow along and start making my own kits. Thanks for the inspiration!
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@smbradford Lees Summit, MO
Great class, thank you! very helpful
@Roberta United States
Lots of great ideas for making kits. Loved this class. Thank you.
Really enjoyed this class - it helped inspire me to pull from my stash in a thoughtful, organized way so that I am ready to scrap instead of search thru supplies!
I really enjoyed this class. I've previously put my own kits together, but it was great to learn new tips and ways to approach it. Margarita clearly lays out the approach to consider making it easy for participants to feel confident in building their own kit. This class encouraged me to experiment with building kits from colour combinations I might not normally choose and it helped me learn exactly what I find easy to work with and what was challenging.
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@filoma Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Australia
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