Make It Minc
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Meet Jen Evans, and get a look behind this technique class.

Bpc foil and paint teaser
Layering Foil & Paint

See how to incorporate foiled layers with acrylic paint.

Make it minc bpc 3 teaser
Watercolor & Foiling

Learn how easy it is to foil with watercolor and create beautiful backgrounds in minutes.

Make it minc bpc 7 lesson
Foil Stamping (Part 1)

Create your own stamp pad to foil any stamp image from your home collection with the Minc.

2ig 2 bpc
Foil Stamping (Part 2)

Layer your stamped images with ink and foil.

2ig 5 bpc
Foiled Brush Lettering

Learn how to foil brush lettering without having to learn calligraphy.