Mixed Media Art & Prints Album
Introduction & Supplies

Art techniques, scrapbooking and photo prints come together to make one chunky art album!

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Color Wheel & Choosing an Album

Complimentary, Analogous, Triad; It can all be so confusing! Let's chat about it, and talk albums.

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Creating My Album Cover

Watch how I created my album cover using my coveted watercolors, and let's talk inspiration!

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Fun With Alcohol Inks

Have you lost touch with your old, beloved alcohol inks? Are they collecting dust? No more!

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Making Patterns With Stamps

Learn how to create patterned paper with stamps, inks and embossing powders.

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Making Patterns With Paint

Layer by layer, you can make your own botanical inspired pattern with paint!

Making Patterns with Alphas

Have you ever thought to make a patterned paper with your alpha stickers?

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Silkscreens | Part 1

Silkscreens are a fun way to add an artistic element with paint without having to be an artist.

Silkscreens | Part 2

Try using your silkscreens on different backgrounds, including fabric!

Getting Messy with Masks!

We all love them and all have them, now let's learn how to use them to paint a gorgeous canvas!

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Binding The Album

You've done so well! Let's bind the album and add a fun yarn tassel.

Album Walk-Through

Take a look at my completed album!