Bpc nyts teaser(intro) 1

Read my story with photography & learn why it's so important to get yourself into the pictures.

Bpc lesson2 1

Explore some options for photography equipment to take atypical selfies.

Bpc lesson3 1
Typical Selfie

Learn some ideas to quickly and easily get yourself into pictures.

Bpc lesson4 1

Explore some ways to take a full-body selfie.

Bpc nyts lesson5
Group Traveling

Get some idea for getting yourself in the pictures while group traveling.

Bpc lesson6 1

In this lesson, I share some decisions to consider in framing your shots.

Bpc lesson7 2

Discover some photo editing tips I love to use on my phone.

Bpc lesson8 1
Memory Keeping

In this lesson, I'll share some scrapbooking ideas to document your solo & group travels.

Bpc lesson9 1

Thank you for joining me in this photography class. I have some last words.