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Thank you for the kick in the head! These are practices I used to follow regularly in my daily life. I've gotten away from them and I feel like I am spinning my wheels with my time. Thank you for reminding me of these steps. I know my crafting projects are going to benefit but I think my daily production might also!
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@janabradshaw Phoenix, AZ
This class should be a must for everyone each year - take some time out and let go of your guilt or stress about creating
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@Wobette Bristol, United Kingdom
Excellent! This class was time well spent to get re-focused on what is important to me so that I can be more creative. Thanks!
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@SplintersandThreads Quarryville, PA
This was a great class. Thanks!
I had to do alot of thinking what to write down.
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@ladyonthego mt pleasant, TX
Awesome class! Jennifer's teaching style is a great fit for me. She has a way of breaking things down into really doable chunks and gently keeping you on task. I got a lot of great take-aways and have a focused plan for the next 8 weeks!
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@busywoman139 Des Moines, IA
Very practical and insightful tips. Gave me the extra boost I needed and now I think I can actually start getting my priorities back in to focus. :)
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Amazing teacher and amazing class! This class gives you the tools you need to focus better on managing your creative time. Love all the tips and tricks and motivational phrases here and there. The worksheets really helped me to evaluate my priorities about all the scrapbook projects I have in mind and I that I love to try.
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@carladetaboada Lima, Peru