Watercoloring in Your Art Journal
Lesson1 teaser
Introduction, Supplies, & Preparation

Learn why watercolors are my favorite medium and what supplies you'll need for this class!

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Watercolors + Salt

Combine salt with watercolors to create a unique effect.

Lesson3 teaser
Watercolor Clouds

Use watercolors to create a dreamy cloud-like background.

Lesson4 teaser
Watercolor Ombre

Create an ombre gradient using watercolors.

Lesson5 teaser
Watercolor Doodles

Use watercolors and watercolor markers to "paint" whimsical doodles.

Lesson6 teaser
Watercolor Silhouettes

Create artsy silhouettes using watercolors.

Lesson7 teaser
Watercolor Resist

Learn how watercolors resist different medias!

Lesson8 teaser
Watercolors + Gesso

Learn how to use gesso as a watercolor primer.