Introduction & Supplies

Gather all of the supplies you'll need to start sketching in your art journal!

Art journal sketching katie lesson 2 teaser

Sketching Basics

Learn a few basic shapes you can use to sketch almost anything.

Art journal sketching lesson 2 teaser

Sketching People

Learn how to sketch people and create a galaxy inspired art journal page!

Bpc drawing plants katie teaser

Sketching Plants

Discover the basics for sketching plants and watch a lotus themed art journal page come to life!

Bpc sketching butterflies katie teaser

Sketching Butterflies

Learn how to sketch butterflies and watch as Katie creates a butterfly themed art journal page.

Bpc sketching on found paper katie teaser1

Sketching on Found Paper

Sketch on found papers and collage, and watch Katie create an art journal page from start to finish.

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